Aluminium Garden Edging

Garden Edge is supplied directly from our parent company ATC – a major aluminium wholesaler, which is how we keep our prices so low.

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Woodland Grey Garden Edging

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Metal Garden Edge Woodland grey

Aluminium Edging Pegs & Joiners

Silver – galvanised steel
Fixing peg (20 x 270 mm)
$2.09 per peg
Metal Garden Edging steel peg single
Silver – galvanised steel
Joiner peg (40 x 270 mm)
$5.50 per peg
Metal Garden Edging steel peg double
Metal Garden Edging Ideas Tools

About pegs

Fixing pegs are used to hold the edging in place and joiner pegs are wider and are used to connect lengths together.

Pegs are recommended every 2m but will depend on how much stability is required to keep the edge straight. Factors include how much of the edging is buried in the soil and if the length is to be straight, or if curved, how tight the radius is.

Our galvanised steel pegs will not rust like untreated steel and are available in silver or woodland grey.


Mill finish

Mill finish is an attractive silver colour that will not fade or rot. It is the natural colour of aluminium once it has been though the extruding process.

Woodland grey

Garden Edge is also available in Woodland grey. This premium product has a powder coated finish that gives a professional look to any garden. Use in highly visible areas or if you simply want to create a garden any landscape designer would be proud of. Available in our two most popular sizes, 80x3mm and 100x3mm, with matching pegs.

The powder coated finish is high-grade, long-life and UV resistant. Much more long-lasting and durable than paint, powder coat is resistant to cracking, peeling, chipping, abrasion and rust.

If silver-coloured aluminium doesn’t suit your design, then Woodland grey offers an attractive alternative. A favourite colour of architects, Woodland grey is described as “classic.” Inspired by “the depth of cool green forest, the canopy of eucalyptus, the twisted bark of tea-tree along the coast, and the mossy boulders and ferns to be found in mountain crevices”, it naturally fades into your garden colours.  Being a Colourbond colour means that you can match it to your outdoor roofing, guttering and fencing for a fully integrated colour scheme.