We supply a very simple system using aluminium strip and galvanised steel pegs. There are other suppliers on the market selling complicated and expensive edging systems made from steel or aluminium that require you purchase various joiners and fiddly hardware. The simple system lets you create all of your garden edging ideas.


To install, first, remove any existing garden edging. Next, plan to set the border with the top edge about 12 mm above the soil level to maintain the lawn/garden separation and keep roots from crossing over the top. This makes the border almost invisible and allows you to mow right over the top. However, be aware that the thin top edge can hurt bare feet. After cutting it, make sure you round off any sharp edges with a file.

For straight lines, use a string line stretched taut from either end. For curves, use chalk or spray paint to mark out your design. You can also freely install aluminium edge as you go, without a design.

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Metal Garden Edging Ideas Tools

Collect required tools; mallet, pegs and aluminium.

Garden Edging Ideas Tools Position

Outline where you’d like edging then position aluminium.

Garden Edging Ideas Tools Position

Hammer in first peg at starting position of edging.

Garden Edging Ideas Tools Position

Align to pieces of aluminium and use larger peg to join together.

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Metal Garden Edging Ideas border

The key to setting the border is to cut a clean vertical edge along the grass with a square spade. Then you can lay the border tightly against the edge when you stake and backfill it. Lay one piece of edging into the furrow to gauge the finished height. Adjust the depth of the furrow if necessary. Make sure there are no rocks or roots blocking your desired path. There’s no rule for shaping the edge. Simply follow the edges of your lawn, making smooth, gradual curves. To make smooth, sharp curves, bend the edging around a circular form.

Fix by using the edging pegs. Place the peg into the ground as close as possible to the edging and knock into the ground with a hammer. Use the double joiner pegs to overlap the strips and make corners by cutting to size and butting the edges together.

The number of pegs you need will vary from spacing them every 1m up to 3m depending on the stability of the edging. Factors include how much of the edging is buried in the soil and if the length is to be straight, or if curved, how tight the radius is. Usually every 2m is sufficient.


Our recommended installer is Mach Gardening Services. Please contact Andrew on  0430 136 858 for a quote or for more information see the website.

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